Endometriosis is the growth of tissues of the inner lines of the uterus to outside of uterus. In healthcare terms, lesions/nodules/implants are used to describes the endometrial patches. Most of the Endometriosis patches grow in the pelvic cavity and generally, on or over the two ovaries and ovaries, behind the uterus or tissues holding the uterus, and on the bowels or bladder. The major symptom is the pelvic pain very often linked with menstrual cycle, sometimes cramping during the period and the pain is worse than regular pains during the cycle. The main complication of Endometriosis is infertility. About 30-50% women suffering with Endometriosis face difficulties in their pregnancy. 

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  • Diagnosis, Treatment & Management
  • Clinical trials in Endometriosis
  • Endometriosis: Risk factor for ovarian cancer/ Endometrial cancer?
  • Endometriosis therapies: Elagolix (ABT–620), OBE2109, Relugolix , & Ovarest (leuprolide) etc.
  • Challanges in Endometriosis treatment and future innovations

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